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  1. Poll: HN readers, where's your residence?
  2. Poll: Do you think HN should go dark in protest of SOPA?
  3. Poll: What database does your company use?
  4. Poll: Should HN display comment scores?
  5. Poll: What should be done about the endless repetition of stories?
  6. Poll: Do you support software patents?
  7. Poll: As a freelancer, how much do you bill per hour?
  8. Poll: Do you use Google Reader on a daily basis?
  9. Poll: How much do you make as a programmer?
  10. Poll: Tech Bubble?
  11. Poll: How much did you earn from your stock options during exit?
  12. Poll: Have you read SICP?
  13. Poll: How old are you?
  14. Poll: How much do you make as a programmer?
  15. Poll: Do you know C?
  16. Poll: Did you transfer your domains from GoDaddy today?
  17. Poll: Where did you get your site/app's Terms of Service & Privacy Policy?
  18. Poll: Do you use app hosting or run your own server?
  19. Poll: Have you moved from JavaScript to CoffeeScript?
  20. Poll: What is your religion?

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